School Safety Procedures

All visitors to SMS will sign in with the DOE school officer, show the proper identification, then receive a visitor’s pass.  They will not be allowed to enter the facility without the pass, and must return the pass upon exiting the building.  The second item reviewed was the Key Card System the KMC has installed on all class and music rooms.  The system allows all doors to automatically be locked from the front desk.  If there is an intruder alert, the KMC front desk can initiate a lock-down.  There are two levels of lock-downs: Soft (no identified imminent danger, safety teams sweep halls), and Hard (every door is locked and kids hide in rooms).  Phones in every classroom are also equipped with a PA system.

In case there is an evacuation from the building, as there was in January, the teachers are very well trained in this emergency.  They grab evacuations folders with attendance sheets, know where to go outside, take attendance outside and account for all students.  It is essential that parents, if they are at school when an evacuation occurs, they leave the teachers, and Katie, to do their jobs.  Watching out for the students is part of their training, and if a parent assumes that role, and a child goes off with his/her parent, it will cause great confusion and concern for the school.  So, please, let the teachers and staff follow their protocols and procedures.

For more information and a review of the protocols, click here for the GRP Summary Sheet (General Response Protocol).