About the Special Music School PTA

Every parent or guardian of a SMS student as well as every teacher at SMS is a member of the Special Music School PTA. 


What the SMS PTA Does

The PTA plans, organizes, and runs numerous community events to bring together SMS families and raise funds for all our programs. The PTA brings events such as Halloween party, ice-skating party, and also help organize Fundraising events for PTA and Kaufman Music Center.The PTA raises funds for a wide array of expenditures, including:

  • Providing funds for teachers to keep the class libraries up to date
  • National Dance Institute (K-5)
  • Technology Updates such as Smart Board for classrooms
  • Advances Placement Courses for our Teachers
  • Ice Skating Day at Chelsea Piers
  • Community-building events
  • Classroom supplies for all academic teachers.
  • Art supplies.
  • Play yard renovations, equipment and supplies
  • Help to fundraise for the Kaufman Music Center

Special Music School PTA Executive Board Officers (2018-2019)

Co- Presidents:
Recording secretary:
Lillie Brinkman secretary@smsparents.org
Diana Fajardo and Mariela Pellegrini
Co-VP Fundraising:
Olga Nekrosova, Barbara Rellstab, Elizabeth Núñez, Karen Mckinnon, Kristin Sposito and Shai Wosner
Co-VP Communications 
Andy Arluk, Megan Mardiney, Jisoo Ok and Kathy Passero
Co-VP for Music Volunteering
Dara Glanville and Fiona Wilkes-Mills
Members at Large
Carey Cromlin
Annette Santiago-España
Michael Frederic
Ana Gambogi
Lars Hanson
Jill Jones
Yvonne Lau
Tanya Twiggs
Abby Zeichner
Karen Golden


The Special Music School PTA publishes its 990 tax form in accordance with IRS regulations.

To view the most recent Form 990, click HERE


Contact the SMS PTA at: info@smsparents.org to reach any of the Executive Board members


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