PTA Scholarship Application

  • SMS HS Scholarship 2020-2021 Application Form (sponsored by the PTA)

  • The main objective of Special Music School PTA is to provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of our children. In light of this goal, the PTA is excited to sponsor two scholarships of $2,500 each for graduating seniors who will be attending college or conservatory this Fall.

    The two scholarships are for Special Music School Seniors:

    Scholarship for Community Service This scholarship will be school-community focused and will reward one student’s dedication and contributions to SMS.

    Scholarship for Excellence The second scholarship will reward one student’s pursuit of excellence in academics, musicianship, or a combination of both.

    ** Both scholarships are to assist the recipients in attaining their educational dreams.

    DEADLINE: Students are required to submit this application by Sunday, May 30, 2021. Please, note the acknowledgement required at the bottom of this form. Incomplete application packets will not be considered.

    1. Two teacher recommendations: One recommendation should be provided from an academic teacher or advisor and one from a music teacher. As a courtesy to the teachers, we suggest that you start by asking them for recommendations. This will allow them more time to write and submit ion your behalf .
    2. Service, Awards and Honors: Please, provide a list detailing service to SMS (verified by the teacher), and a list of special musical performances or awards, and/or any academic awards, honors, accomplishments. You may also add a statement to elaborate or if you feel it would help clarify items on your list. This statement is completely optional.
    3. Personal Statement: A short statement why you deserve the scholarship.

    You should use your school email to submit this application

  • Teacher Recommendations

  • Directions for Student:
    1. Please identify 1 academic teacher or advisor and 1 music teacher who can attest to your character and SMS community involvement. The academic teacher/advisor should tell us about you as a student and the music teacher should tell us about you as a musician.
    2. Let your teachers/advisors know to upload their recommendation using this Google form:
    3. Ask them to submit your recommendation before Tuesday May 25, 2021 and to let you know when this is done. Having their confirmation earlier will allow you some buffer time to submit this application on time.
  • Service, Awards and Honors

  • Please prepare and then upload a list of your service activities to the SMS community.

    Create and upload file with your verified service hours. You can list any awards and honors in the same file, if this applies to you.

    SMS Service can be individual or group activities at school. Please ask a teacher or staff member who can verify your participation in each activity to sign off on the appropriate line, and list the estimated number of hours you invested while performing each service. Also, please list any academic awards and honors you may have received during your high school years.

    ** Please note that most school clubs do not count toward your school service hours.

  • Personal Statement

  • I acknowledge that both teachers confirmed submitting recommendations on my behalf, and that all of the information on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.