SMS Academic Program

Message from the Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome and welcome back to the Special Music School. We are delighted that you have chosen our school in your quest to provide a truly unique educational experience for your child. I believe the Special Music School is a place where children have the potential to achieve greatness in many ways. Our small learning community has the ability to provide a holistic academic program for every child. We have the innate ability to work with each student individually- crafting academic goals in each content area that go well beyond the standards-based education many other schools provide.   Our faculty is dedicated to academic richness which is integrated, inquiry-based, and implements a truly accelerated curriculum.

We at the Special Music School approach a child’s learning not only in terms of academic achievement but also the importance of self-esteem as fundamental in our pursuit to provide a truly exceptional education. We are conscious of a young child’s need for play, to have choices, and to balance the curriculum between child-initiated and teacher–directed activities. We later value the more mature child’s need for expression and independence. We consider the child’s social growth as important in a school that fosters performers and is committed to high academic achievement. Above all, we value each child as being unique and valuable to our community.

This school would not be possible without the work of our predecessors – who had the vision to create a music school which believes that music instruction should never be an add-on; rather direct music instruction along with an equally rigorous academic curriculum is a powerful combination in a child’s development and growth in becoming exceptional.

Again, thank you and welcome (back) to the school. I look forward to watching and supporting your children grow and develop into young musicians, future authors and inquisitive learners. I look forward to our continued partnership.

Thank you,

Katie Banucci Smith, Principal


Academic Faculty & Staff

Kindergarten: Ms. Stephanie Cherubin

1st Grade: Ms. Brittany Magiera

2nd Grade: Ms. Nicole Honrado

3rd Grade: Ms. Susan Myung

4h Grade: Ms. Abby Rapoport

5th Grade: Ms. Kerri Hook

Middle School Humanities: Ms. Shannon Potts

Middle School History: Ms. Claire Shweky

Middle School Science: Mr. Sam Rawson

Middle School Math: Mr. George Tsugranes

High School English: Mr. Noah Gordon

High School English: Mr. Nathan Bloom

High School Social Studies: Ms. Abby Plump

High School Social Studies: Mr. Ari Friedman

High School Science: Ms. Alison Farrell

High School Science: Mr. Hemal Pathak

High School Math: Ms. Elli Simonen

High School Math: Mr. Jeff Reeder

High School Learning Specialist: Ms. Lauren Ryan

High School Learning Specialist: Mr. Suraj Gopal

Spanish, Middle School & High School:

Physical Education:  Mr. Sam Fox

Visual Arts: Ms. Ireena Gurvich

SMS Guidance/High School Counseling: Ms. Laura Hohm

ESL Library: Ms. Sarah Anderson


Principal: Ms. Katherine Banucci-Smith

Assistant Principal: Ms. Kristen Palmieri

Parent Coordinator: Ms. Lisa Stump

Academic Business Manager: Ms. Nastassia Almonte

K-8 School Aid: Mr. Martin Nolan

K-8 School Aid: Ms. Sarah Rosario

School Safety Officer:  Officer Brown