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Know Your Elected Officials

Knowing who the elected officials who serve the districts of your schools, especially for City and State, and building a rapport with them is helpful in so many ways. First, they work for us; secondly, it is a viable way to seek funding support for your school, specifically RESO A funds; thirdly, can address policy changes needed to better serve all students; fourthly, they’re going to want our votes, and need to earn it; and there are other reasons to know elected officials to demonstrate our civic engagement and responsibilities as citizens and public school advocates.
To find the Elected Officials who represent our school, go to the links provided below and put in the address of your school: 129 West 67th Street, New York, NY 10023 (K-8 School) or 122 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY 10023 (High School).

Reach out, and invite these officials to a PTA Meeting, or event, to showcase what your school is doing, and do not hesitate to let them know what the needs are!

NYC Mayor:

NYC Comptroller:

NYC Public Advocate:
New York City Council:
Manhattan Borough President:
New York State Senate:
New York State Assembly:

New York House of Representatives:

U. S. Senate: (The Majority Leader is from New York!)

Manhattan District Leader:
Manhattan Community Boards: