SMS has signed up for the catered school lunch program with Red Rabbit.

The initial trial program will run from December 10, 2018 through March 16, 2019 (with some extra days at the end to make up for holidays). It is a 12 week period.

Lunch will be served 3 days per week: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (excluding holidays).

We will try to post the weekly selections for all the menu types from Red Rabbit via the links in the Lunch submenu on this site.

Red Rabbit website for additional information. Some links they sent:

  • About Us guide as well as our website and blog, where you can learn more about our meals and about us!
  • Our School Resource Center has many helpful one-pagers regarding portioning, equipment, reheating, etc. This is for food handlers but also helpful for you to know as well. Also take a look at the Milk and Supply guides & our yearly calendar
  • Menus: Our menus are uploaded to Dropbox each Friday – we will send the link along shortly. You can access our allergy menus here (password:allergy2015).
  • Please take a look at our Substitute Menus article for FAQs on allergies!

Red Rabbit also answered some initial questions for us, below.

As we go through the trial period, there will no doubt be logistics and other questions. We will try to work closely with Red Rabbit to address all issues.

Shortly, we will post a way for people to submit questions online.

Contact points:

For individual questions/comments, please use: or for general questions that can be seen by the community, please use the Questions/Comments form.

We hope at the end of the trial period to expand it to a 5 day program through the end of the year and then onward to future years at SMS!

Below are some initial FAQs we covered with Red Rabbit:

  1. How are lunch options selected by each child?
    1. The classic menu is the one most kids should be on.  It’s the menu of the day, and we already build in variety.  If kids have any allergy parents can choose one of our substitute menus (vegetarian, egg/dairy free, soy/gluten/tomato free). The goal is to pick one in the beginning and stick with it. It is possible to change these preferences, but we would encourage not to do it constantly. We would need to know by the Wednesday before the change would start about it.
  2. What is the feedback mechanism to Red Rabbit for any comments/questions/concerns?
    1. We send out feedback requests as part of the weekly menu.
  3. What is the recourse for families in the unlikely/very unfortunate event something goes wrong (e.g. food poisoning, etc.). Do the families work directly with you?
    1. School will contact us directly, and we’ll immediately begin protocols to mitigate.
  4. Are the individual containers easy to take home if the children don’t finish their lunch?
    1. Best if consumed once opened. Containers are individually packaged.
  5. Will utensils be provided?
    1. Yes
  6. Are drinks part of the lunches?
    1. Milk (1%)

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