Additional Resources

Follow links to other resources available for after-school activities:

67th Street YMCA 

A wide variety of after-school programs (homework help, science, math, reading), sports, and more, for all ages.  And swimming too! Plenty of groups are forming.  Call them to discuss their pick-up service from school.


Events at Merkin Hall

Students, their families and faculty at Kaufman Music Center’s Special Music School get big discounts on tickets to concerts in selected series at Merkin Concert Hall. Click here to see the list of discounted events.


JCC Manhattan 

Click here for their link to The JCC After-School Page.  A wide variety of after-school programs for all ages, swimming, cooking, art, yoga, dance, music and more.  Group rates are available.


BonJour New York

offers a wide variety of private and group classes.  Visit their website for more information, rates and available programs.  If you work with other families interested in an after-school French Club at SMS, BonJour NY will work with you on making it happen.  Email or call them for complete details.  We have worked with Ms. Ria Aichour of BonJour NY in the pasy,, and she can help organize group lessons and after-school programs.


Lil Yogi’s NYC  

A fun and healthy way for the kids to wind down from the day.  Lot of classes and programs available.  Group rates are also available.


TADA Youth Theater NYC 

“When School is out … Tada is in”.  Continue the excitement or art and music with exercise and adventure.


NY Kids Club, NYC 

Lots of activities and exercise programs for kids, and, right around the corner.


Bloomingdale School of Music 

Ensembles, orchestras, private lessons … BSM has been educating young and old for over 50 years.  Whether you are interested in guitar lessons or piano lessons, instruction for children or adults, classical, rock, or jazz, a rigorous course of study or a more flexible approach, BSM has a place for you at our school.


InterSchool Orchestras of NYC 

Founded in 1972, the ISO of New York makes it possible for any child to learn an instrument and perform in an ensemble of his/her peers. Eight graded orchestras and a symphonic band lie at the heart of ISO’s programs, providing performance opportunities based on musical ability — not ability to pay tuition.  A great extension of the SMS experience.

We will be adding more options to this page in the coming weeks.  Please check back often.