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First Day of School Flyer1Family contributions are the most important source of income for the Special Music School PTA, Inc.

Your generosity and support enables the PTA to be a partner, along with the Department of Education and Kaufman Music Center, in providing your child an exceptional educational experience. Our suggested PTA contribution this year is $450 per student. The SMS PTA holds an IRS designation of a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Contributions to the SMS PTA are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.
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GREAT NEWS.  In addition to our Class Contributions of $16,109.44, which includes the MK Trio’s amazing fundraising of over $1,300, our anonymous benefactor has, once again, added to our total $10,000, making this year’s final tally $26,109.44.  Thank you all!

PlayAThonCThe 2014 SMS Spring Community Concert Series & Play-A-Thon is over.  All the information about this year’s newly formatted event can be found at
You Can Still Donate to The Event!

NDI Rattles to Roof at MLK Auditorium. Slide show below.zNDIpost2
Spring Choral Highlights 2014. Slide show below.

MK Trio ROCKS the Hose, raises funds for SMS! Slide show below.




The On-Line Auction raised over $17,000 … that is $4,000 better than last year.  Our community rocks … and so do Jhoanna Wade and Jennifer Laing, whose tireless efforts, insanely long hours and dedication made this amazing Auction so Successful.  Thank you both, from a very grateful PTA Executive Board and SMS Community.


Visit our After School Pages for Information and Links to: Launch, Chess, Karate, Lucy Moses and Other Suggestions!
to help you navigate your student’s After School needs.

  • NY Times Article on Music’s impact on education: “Is Music the Key to Success?”  Read article here.
  • Community School District 3 website posts Middle School Admissions Process Calendar.  Click here for details.
  • NYC Department of Education Releases First Ever Teacher Preparation Program Reports. To read more, click here!
  • NDI is back at SMS. The D.O.E. and PTA sponsor the program, but, NDI still needs added support.  Please read more about them, their programs and what you can do to help.  Click here for all links and information.
  • Schools Unite Network (“Sun”) report on information from the NYPD regarding how to prevent and address bullying.  Visit the Sun Page for a complete report and links.

BoxTopComp1Last year, our BoxTops 4 Education campaign raised over $500 for SMS.  That is $500 of free money for the school.  Now, what can be easier, or sweeter, than that.  Please, keep collecting the coupons … we will start collecting them again in the Fall.  Lots of brands now offer multiple box box tops on single packages.  It just keeps getting easier and easier!  Visit the BoxTops 4 Education page if you have any questions.  Thank You.

COMMON CORE LEARNING STANDARDS: A Message From Chancellor Walcott

Click Here for D.O.E. Links and Parent Resources.

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) serves more than 1.1 million students and their families in over 1,700 schools. We are committed to providing useful information to parents and families and offering them multiple opportunities to participate in our City’s public school programs and initiatives. This overview is designed to explain the Common Core Learning Standards and how they relate to your child’s education.

Learning standards describe what students should know and be able to do in each grade. Over the next few years, New York and more than 40 other states across the country will transition to a new set of learning standards called the Common Core. These new standards provide a clear picture of what students need to learn each year in order to graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and careers.
The Common Core standards were developed by educators and other experts based on research and lessons learned from top-performing countries. The standards describe the skills and knowledge our students need to succeed in a rapidly changing world, including the ability to think creatively, solve real-world problems, make effective arguments, and engage in debates.
For complete PDF of article, click here.

This is the “Official” video as shown in DC on the Jumbotrons (click the video player below.  Kids start singing at 3:28 in video if you want to jump ahead).  The original version of the video that the Kaufman Music Center submitted (without the Barack Obama section at the beginning) can be accessed from the news section on the Kaufman Music Center SMS home page by clicking here.  Enjoy both!