A very special congratulations to the Young Artist Program (YAP) students who completed the 12th grade at Lucy Moses, the 8th and 5th graders from Special Music School, all the teachers, music staff, and support staff … it has been a fabulous journey and we, the SMS community, are so very proud of all of you.


to the newly elected SMS PTA Members:

Co-Presidents – Barbara Rellstab (grade K parent) and Ansell Hawkins (HS)
Co-VP’s: Ryan Kamm (K – 2), Rachel Currin (3 to 5), Sharon Flynn (HS)
Treasurer: Lauren Flowers
Secretary: Nadia DiGiallonardo
Recording Secretaries: Lisa Matricardi, Jennifer Laing
Co-VP’s of Fundraising: Shai Wosner, Orli Shaham
VP’s of Music Volunteering: Fiona Wilkes, Dara Glanville
Members at Large: Raisa Bahhchieva, Jill Jones, Theresa Jones, Jessica Rothstein, Luz Claudio, Annette Espana, Amelia DeMayo, Shalisa Kline Ugaz, Yvonne Lau
SLT Members: Ashley Byler (grades K to 2), Diane Napier (grades 3 to 5), Jennifer Kingston (grades 6 to 8), Sharon Flynn (HS), Carol Holyoke (Parent at Large)

May the Music Live Forever at the Special Music School.

NDI Farewell_webNDI Was a Huge Hit.  Thank you Pat for your years of
working with NDI & SMS to make it the success it is, and will be.
You will be missed.

BoxTopComp1Last year, our BoxTops 4 Education campaign raised over $500 for SMS.  That is $500 of free money for the school.  Now, what can be easier, or sweeter, than that.  All you have to do is shop, clip the box top coupon, send it in to the school and the PTA collects the MONEY!  Please, it is not too late to collect and send in coupons.  Lots of brands now offer multiple box box tops on single packages.  It just keeps getting easier and easier!  Visit the BoxTops 4 Education page if you have any questions.  Thank You.

PlayAThonLogo2webHow Are We Doing?
As of Monday, May 11, 2015 … Zowee!!!

Barnes and Noble Tally2Visit Play-A-Thon page for full details.

Dear K and New Parents,

You should have received information via backpack and email recently for early reservations to the 2015 Kaufman Music Center Gala on May 19 at the Edison Ballroom. Thank you to all that have given thus far! The Gala is one of the ways you can contribute to Kaufman Music Center. Since there have been many recent communications from the PTA and Kaufman Music Center regarding fundraising, I thought a summary may be helpful.

Separate from Kaufman Music Center, the PTA raises money for materials (eg. computers, books and supplies for classrooms) and programs (eg. NDI and foreign language instruction in the Middle School) to supplement the academic curriculum. PTA dues this year are $450 per child. The auction we just wrapped up also raised funds for the PTA.

Kaufman Music Center
As you know, Kaufman Music Center pays for our children’s music education ($7,500 per child). KMC anticipates that each family will contribute a part of this amount either by direct donations or participation in fundraising events. KMC has several fundraisers each year, with some specifically targeted at SMS parents. “Musical Evenings” benefit SMS directly, and the Gala, the largest fundraiser of the year, benefits Kaufman Music Center as a whole. The Barnes and Noble “Playathon” is organized by parents and all proceeds from this fundraiser go to KMC. Your contribution during a fundraiser is counted toward the SMS Parent goal for the year. This year’s fundraising goal for KMC (Grades K-10) is $220,000.

Here’s a summary of the upcoming events and other ways to contribute:

Kaufman Music Center Gala
Tuesday, May 19 at 6:30pm at the Edison Ballroom
The Gala includes a cocktail reception, seated dinner, live auction and a concert by Lucy Moses School and Special Music School students and featured artist, Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist, Jason Robert Brown. If you are interested in attending the gala, you can purchase reduced priced parent tickets for $750. There are some parents who buy a table (seating for 10) and either invite their friends, (who may or may not bring their check books), or give the tickets to members of our SMS community. Contact Tiffini Gambrell in the KMC Development Office at 212-501-3350 or tgambrell@kaufmanmusiccenter.org with any questions.

Also associated with the Gala, is a Journal that contains ads. Each class at the school contributes towards a 1/4 page ad for $300 (usually a donation of about $20 per family). This is typically organized by the class parents, and we will be in touch soon about your participation. The ad is important because it is a great way to achieve 100% participation from SMS parents in contributing to Kaufman Music Center, something that is important when for soliciting donations and grants from outside sources.

Musical Evenings
Thursday, April 16 at 6:30pm
Some parents also buy tickets to the Musical Evenings. The last Musical Evening for this year is on Thursday, April 16 at 6:30pm. This event will feature Jennifer Koh, violin and Shai Wosner, piano and takes place at the home of Jane Goldman. Tickets are $275 each and include cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in addition to the performance. Contact Tiffini Gambrell in the KMC Development Office at 212-501-3350 or tgambrell@kaufmanmusiccenter.org  with any questions.

Barnes and Noble Playathon
Saturday and Sunday, May 2 and 3 10am-7pm, Union Square Barnes and Noble
The SMS PTA organizes the Barnes and Noble “Playathon,” to benefit Kaufman Music Center, at which our students play and raise money through donations for their performances. The 2015 Playathon is on May 2 and 3. Parents and students ask friends and family to sponsor their performances and some students go busking to help raise money. More information will be distributed in the coming months.

Matching Gifts 
At the end of the year, Tiffini in the KMC development office is able to tally a family’s total giving for the year, and many companies will match your donations. If you work for a large company, it is worth a conversation with the human resources department to ask if they match donations to organizations to which their employees contribute.
I hope this is beneficial for you. If you have any questions, you may contact tgambrell@kaufmanmusiccenter.org.

All best,
Yvonne Lau (Connor Tsui 7, Tiffany Tsui 3)
PTA EB Member
Gala Committee Member

Heart ButtonW

H(Horizon)  E(Empathy)  A(Accountability)  R(Respect)  T(Teamwork)
Special Music School H.E.A.R.T Recipients Announced March 20, 2015.  Congratulations to all!

Kindergarten:  Sean Kim,  Caleb Pinder

First Grade:  Hazel Peebles, Silvia Nicholson, Sasha Grossman, Margot Pantoga

Second Grade:  Melissa Mosley, Mack Scocca Ho, Anna Kesselmen, Aubrey Mills

Third Grade:  Jonathan Berroa, Clara Ugaz, Indigo Ogiste, Jesse Schopflocher

Fourth Grade:  Olive Glass, Ethan Gurwitz

Fifth Grade:  Leah Amory, Lila Holyoke, Matan Marder Friedgood

Sixth Grade:  Elisha Jimenez, Claudius Betz

Seventh Grade:  Reba Lee, Dylan Bedford

Eighth Grade:  Taja Graves-Parker, Janine Goh, Max Simeone

and Mr. T

Click on Image for Full PDF of February 2015 UpBeat …. Spring is on the way!



Well, that was a lot of fun.
A very heartfelt thank you to all our Parent and Student volunteers to helped make this year’s Halloween Party one of the most successful in the history of SMS.  The costumes were the best!  Thank you to everyone for your support, participation and, well, being part of this community.

Thank You: Michelle and Luis, Sara Vogeler, Orli Shaham and David Robertson, Natanya and Larry Freed, Amelia DeMayo, Jake Pine, Mary Kelly and Ken Pantoga, Lauren Flowers, Rina Kofman and Polat Novruzov, Yvonne Lau, Fiona and Jason Mills, Teresa Jones, Vaughn Davis, all the Class Parents, Josh Kail (10th grade) and the High School Crew, Sophia Reyes (6th grade), Margo Pantoga (1st grade), Katie Smith, Kristen Palmieri, Kaufman Music Center Administration, and, last but not least, the “Peanuts” gang from the Drama Club.

Their support included planning this year’s Halloween Party, managing the money, helping to organize the entertainment (drama club and music), rallying the families and students (including the HS students), recruiting volunteers and selling tickets in advance, working with the facilities team at the HS and KMC to make the event happen.

We also would to thank all parents who volunteered to help decorate, donate baked goods, sell tickets at the door, man the activity tables and the other elementary and middle school kids that also helped to man the Haunted House.  If we missed anyone in our thank yous, please forgive us  All of you are special to the SMS Community.  It was a huge undertaking with a great team pulling it all together.

SMSHalloweenCollagePostFor more pictures, and how to order a photo JPEG file, NO CHARGE,
click here to get to the Halloween Page,
or email the PTA at info@smsparents.org.

First Day of School Flyer1Family contributions are the most important source of income for the Special Music School PTA, Inc.

Your generosity and support enables the PTA to be a partner, along with the Department of Education and Kaufman Music Center, in providing your child an exceptional educational experience. Our suggested PTA contribution this year is $450 per student. The SMS PTA holds an IRS designation of a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Contributions to the SMS PTA are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.
Go to SMS PTA DONATIONS page for more detailed information and PTA DONATIONS REQUEST FORM.
If you have any questions please contact the SMS PTA Co-Treasurers at info@smsparents.org.