SMS Annual Auction Coming In December

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2016-2017 SMS Annual Online Auction Goes Live
December 9 through December 18

To get more information, and forms, click here
All proceeds from the auction go the SMS PTA to help the school, help the kids.
Tell your co-workers, neighbors, relatives and friends.  The time to start is now!
Thank you in advance for your support.
Happy donating!

Message from Katie & Kristen

Dear families,

We apologize for not writing earlier to tell you how SMS has responded to the election. We have been listening and observing, trying to find words to describe the changing landscape of our democracy. Given the events of the recent election, we feel more thankful than ever for our community here at SMS.

We are grateful for the participation of our children in the discourse about the election. Our children are more equipped than ever to talk about race, class and gender with purpose and to make themselves heard and understood. Their courage and resilience impress us everyday.

We are also thankful for the incredible staff at SMS. In the past weeks and months, they have read, discussed and ventured into uncharted territory as educators. They have protected the safe spaces of their classrooms, while helping students to process the dangerous rhetoric and political unrest around them. Our classroom conversations have been sensitive and assuring in this time of uncertainty.

Finally, we are grateful for our diverse community.  Our families at SMS represent so many nationalities, races, religions and sexual orientations. Because of this, SMS is beautiful. We wish to make one thing abundantly clear: you are never alone, and we stand beside our entire community with support and love. 


Katie & Kristen

Katie Banucci-Smith                           Kristen Palmierie
Principal                                             Assistant Principal

SMS Community Chorus Needs You!


Are you ready, and excited, about the 2016 Winter Choral

Put on your singing hats and join the Parent/Staff/Faculty chorus.  If you love to sing, meet fellow SMS
community members (parents, teachers, KMC staff), this is the group for you. 
You don’t need to be a professional … just love the music, the Comradery, and the fun of
entertaining the kids at the December Choral.  It promises to be an exciting performance this season.
This winter the Community Chorus will rehearse:
Thursday, December 1, 8-9 am  Room 520

Thursday, December 8, 8-9 am Room 520
Thursday, December 15, 8-9 am Room 520
Wednesday, December 21 8-9 am  Merkin Hall
The performance will take place on Wednesday, December 21 in Merkin Hall, beginning at 1:30 pm.
Email Sean Hartley to sign-up, or for more information.

PTA Dues

Our Dues Month is not over yet! Thank you all for your contributions, we are doing well, but over 50% of families have not contributed yet! To make your contribution, click here!

1st grade parents Ann and Tommy Wazelle have honored us with another video:

Halloween Party A Howling Hoorah!



Thank you to all the parent volunteers, and HS Haunted House Builders, who
made this Halloween Party a huge success. And, especially, thank you to our
SMS kids for great costumes.
For more pictures of the Halloween Party, click here!


A Talk with Katie

“Music and Academics Work Hand in Hand at Upper West Side School”: DNA Info: Emily Frost, October 3, 2016

Principal Katie Banucci-Smith has her dream job. A child musician who attended a music conservatory for college and went on to sing opera before falling into teaching, Banucci-Smith heads the Special Music School. The K-12 public school at 129 W. 67th St. perfectly marries her two passions and does that for students as well, she said.

DNA: What are you looking for in selecting the 15 students for your kindergarten class?
We’re not looking to pick someone, we’re looking to find a match. We’re looking to find people that really want to do this and kids that seem to have an aptitude for doing it.
We try to build diverse classrooms. Some have parents that are in the field, some don’t have parents that are in the field, this is their first music test ever. We look at it from like a thousand different diversity lenses. We try to pick half girls, half boys. We try to pick socioeconomic diversity. 

For more on the DNA article, click here!

Special Music School At 20!

Yes, The Special Music School is in its 20th year … and celebrating its first
Graduating 12th Grade Class
.  A marvelous journey just keeps getting stronger and better.
Congratulations to all the Kaufman Music Center staff, especially Lydia Kontos,
and the SMS Teachers and Administration.




Kids at this music school rock state English and math exams.
By Selim Algar | August 25, 2016
To read the article, click this link:


Welcome Back to School &!

  Want to help the PTA, at no cost to you? Shop through the PTA website,
click on logo to right .
  Clip the Box Top For Education coupons you see on cereals, storage bags, candies, pastas, etc.
Visit the Box Tops page for more information.
Your SMS PTA Dues help the kids in so many ways. The PTA is a sponsor for K-5 NDI, HS Science Lab
and Cabaret, the Halloween Party and the many Field Trips the kids take during the year. Click Here for more info.
  And, of course, the PTA would love to have you volunteer. Email us at for more
information and details on coming events during the school year.

BoxTops 4 Education: Free Money For SMS!

BoxTopComp1Last year, our BoxTops 4 Education campaign raised over $500 for SMS.  That is $500 of free money for the school.  Now, what can be easier, or sweeter, than that.  All you have to do is shop, clip the box top coupon, send it in to the school and the PTA collects the MONEY!  Please, it is not too late to collect and send in coupons.  Lots of brands now offer multiple box tops on single packages.  It just keeps getting easier and easier!  Visit the BoxTops 4 Education page if you have any questions.  Thank You.

Contact the School

Academic Office: 212.501.3318
Music Office: 212.501.3316
KMC Front Desk: 212.501.3308
KMC Support: 212.501.3356

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